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The Difference Between The Ternary Lithium Batteries And LiFePo4 Battery Cell

Time:2018/10/12Posted:VCELL POWER CO.,LTD

  Lithium battery is one of the most commonly used type of battery electric vehicle, although the time is not long since was born in 1970, but with high energy density, long service life of cycle quickly occupied the most part of the electric car battery market.Now, in the sale of electric vehicles equipped with lithium batteries are mainly LifePo4 batteries and two kinds of ternary lithium batteries.So LifePo4 batteries and ternary battery and what the difference?

Appearance Packing】

Lithium ion batteries Square batteries, batteries and soft packages can be divided into cylindrical batteries.

【Material System

  The current mainstream with LifePo4 batteries, batteries ternary material respectively is refers to LiFePo4 and ternary material as the anode material of lithium ion batteries.Ternary material refers to the Ni, Co, Mn, Ni, Co or Al three kinds of metal elements as the core element of the anode materials.

  The power battery is the core of electric vehicles. It is the only source of pure electric vehicle driving energy. It is directly related to the power performance and endurance of electric vehicles, and is also directly related to the safety of electric vehicles. From the cost structure of new energy vehicles, battery-driven systems account for 30-50% of the cost of new energy vehicles. Since the birth of electric vehicles, power battery technology has been restricting the practical process of electric vehicles. Increasing power density, energy density, service life and cost reduction have always been at the heart of the development of electric vehicle battery technology.

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